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Aviation Jobs / Aerospace Jobs

Aviation Personnel is recruiting experienced, qualified technical and professional personnel for the following aviation/aerospace industry positions:

  • A&P Mechanics
  • Aircraft Inspectors
  • Aircraft Painters
  • Aircraft Upholsterers
  • Avionics Technicians / Installers
  • Cabinet Makers and Finishers
  • Composite Technicians
  • Interior Installers
  • Structural Sheet Metal Technicians
Aviation Jobs
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A&P Corporate Mechanic -Augusta, GA
A&P King Air Mechanic –Boise, ID
A&P Mech -Tampa, FL
A&P Mech –Cleveland, OH
A&P Mech –Fort Lauderdale, FL
A&P Mechanic -Bangor, ME
A&P Mechanic -Oscoda, MI
A&P Mechanic -Roswell, NM
A&P Mechanic –Fort Lauderdale, FL
A&P Mechanic –Fort Worth, TX
A&P Mechanic –Grand Rapids, MI
A&P Mechanic –Hillsboro, OR
A&P Mechanic –Indianapolis, IN
A&P Mechanic –Marana, AZ
A&P Mechanic –Moline, IL
A&P Mechanic –Newburgh, NY
A&P Mechanic –Orlando, FL
A&P Mechanic –Peru, IN
A&P Mechanic –Syracuse, NY
A&P Mechanic –Tampa, FL
A&P Mechanic –Waterford, MI
A&P Mechanic 737NG -Ardmore, OK
A&P Mechanic II –Springfield, IL
A&P Mechanic III (Engines) Houston, TX
A&P Mechanic IV –Springfield, IL
A&P Mechanic/Global –Greenville, SC
A&P Supervisor –Marana, AZ
A&P Technician -Jacksonville, FL
A&P Technician/Falcon -East Alton, IL
Admin Purchasing Assistant–Jacksonville, FL
Aircraft Assembler –Jacksonville, FL
Aircraft Engine Tech –Augusta, GA
Aircraft Equipment Expeditor 1 –Palmdale, CA
Aircraft Painter -Roswell, NM
Aircraft Painter –Bangor, ME
Aircraft Painter –Moline, IL
Aircraft Painter –Portland, OR
Aircraft Painter –Sanord, FL
Aircraft Painter –Weatherford, TX
Aircraft Painter II –Springfield, IL
Aircraft Prepper –Weatherford, TX
AOG A&P Mech –Richmond, VA
AOG A&P Mechanic Needed in Raleigh, NC
AOG Mechanic –Oakland, CA
Assembler -Pinellas, FL
Assembly Supervisor –Jacksonville, FL
Avi. Check Out (Service Center) -Little Rock, AR
Avi. CheckOut (Completions) -Little Rock, AR
Avionics / Integration Engineer –Boise, ID
Avionics A&P Tech –Bridgeport, WV
Avionics Bench Line Technician –Boise, ID
Avionics Installer -Augusta, GA
Avionics Installer -Dayton, OH
Avionics Installer –Moline, IL
Avionics Installer w/Sheet Metal –Moline, IL
Avionics Manager –Des Moine, IA
Avionics Sales Tech –Fort Lauderdale, FL
Avionics Tech -Jacksonville, FL
Avionics Tech -Tampa, FL
Avionics Tech –Fort Lauderdale, FL
Avionics Tech 737 NG -Ardmore, OK
Avionics Tech IV –Houston, TX
Avionics Technician -Dothan, AL
Avionics Technician -Houston, TX
Avionics Technician –East Alton, IL
Avionics Technician –Grand Rapids, MI
Cabinet Finisher -Middleburg Heights, OH
Cabinet Finisher –Bangor, ME
Cabinet Finisher –Chattanooga, TN
Cabinet Finisher –Wichita, KS
CAD/Nesting Operator –Pinellas Park, FL
Composite Tech –Middleburg Heights, OH
Composite Tool Builder –El Segundo, CA
Contractor Tooling/Fabricator -Pinellas Park, FL
Field Service Representative –Houston, TX
HR Temp –Dallas, TX
Inspector -Dothan, AL
Inspector A&P -Peru, IN
Interior Installer –Sanford, FL
Interior Mechanic –Maran, AZ
Junior A&P Mechanic - (LAX) CA
Junior A&P Mechanic - Longview, TX
Junior Painter –Portland, OR
Lead A&P Mechanic –Marana, AZ
Lead A&P Mechanic CRJ –Tucson, AZ
LO Coater –Pinellas Park, FL
Machinist – Central Point, OR
Maintenance Controller –New Castle, DE
Material Controller -Cincinnati, OH
Paint Mechanic Crew Chief –Moline, IL
Painter -Rome, NY
Process Engineer –Jacksonville, FL
Production Controller –Fort Worth, TX
QC Inspector –Marana, AZ
Quality Engineer –Jacksonville, FL
Quality Inspector -Roswell, NM
Sheet Metal Mech -Jacksonville, FL
Sheet Metal Mech -Middleburg Heights, OH
Sheet Metal Mech. -Oscoda, MI
Sheet Metal Mechanic -Hillsboro, OR
Sheet Metal Mechanic -Houston, TX
Sheet Metal Tech - Longview, TX
Sheet Metal Tech w/Avionics -Augusta, GA
Sr. A&P Mechanic - Longview, TX
Structures Tech -Dothan, AL
Structures Tech –Aurora, OR
Supply Chain Proposal Coordinator –Jacksonville, F
Upholstery Technician I (Completions) -Dallas, TX
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