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Aviation Jobs / Aerospace Jobs

Aviation Personnel is recruiting experienced, qualified technical and professional personnel for the following aviation/aerospace industry positions:

  • A&P Mechanics
  • Aircraft Inspectors
  • Aircraft Painters
  • Aircraft Upholsterers
  • Avionics Technicians / Installers
  • Cabinet Makers and Finishers
  • Composite Technicians
  • Interior Installers
  • Structural Sheet Metal Technicians
Aviation Jobs
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A&P Corporate Mechanic -Augusta, GA
A&P Falcon Mechanic –Augusta, GA
A&P Mech -Tampa, FL
A&P Mech –Fort Lauderdale, FL
A&P Mech –Greenville, SC
A&P Mechanic -Cleveland, OH
A&P Mechanic -Oscoda, MI
A&P Mechanic –Arroyo Grande, CA
A&P Mechanic –Aurora, OR
A&P Mechanic –Fort Lauderdale, FL
A&P Mechanic –Greensboro, NC
A&P Mechanic –Hillsboro, OR
A&P Mechanic –Milwaukee, WI
A&P Mechanic –Moline, IL
A&P Mechanic –Newburgh, NY
A&P Mechanic –Oakland, CA
A&P Mechanic –Rockford, IL
A&P Mechanic –Syracuse, NY
A&P Mechanic –Tampa, FL
A&P Mechanic –Tucson, AZ
A&P Mechanic Dash7 –Ardmore, OK
A&P Mechanic II –Springfield, IL
A&P Mechanic III (Engines) Houston, TX
A&P Mechanic III –Springfield, IL
A&P Mechanic IV –Springfield, IL
A&P Mechanic w/Avionics –Greenville, SC
A&P Mechanic/Global –Greenville, SC
A&P Tech. Nashville, TN
A&P Technician -Jacksonville, FL
A&P Technician/Falcon -East Alton, IL
A/C Maintenance & Structures Tech –Aurora, OR
AFStructures Mech (Service Center)-Little Rock, AR
Aircraft Avionics Mech., Army C-12 - Santa Fe, NM
Aircraft Engine Tech –Augusta, GA
Aircraft Mechanic Army C-12 –Fort Bliss, TX
Aircraft Painter -Ardmore, OK
Aircraft Painter –Bangor, ME
Aircraft Painter –Mobile, AL
Aircraft Painter –Portland, OR
Aircraft Painter –Weatherford, TX
Aircraft Painter II –Springfield, IL
Aircraft Painter–Greensboro, NC
AOG A&P Mech –Richmond, VA
AOG A&P Mechanic –Layfayette, LA
AOG A&P Mechanic –Peachtree, GA
Assembler -FL Highest Rates!
Avi. Check Out (Service Center) -Little Rock, AR
Avionic Tech - Aurora, OR
Avionics Installer –Moline, IL
Avionics Installer II –Springfield, IL
Avionics Installer w/Sheet Metal –Moline, IL
Avionics Instrument Technician –Aurora, OR
Avionics Manager –Des Moine, IA
Avionics Mechanic –Kingsville, TX
Avionics Mechanic –Meridian, MS
Avionics Mechanic –Pensacola, FL
Avionics Sales Tech –Fort Lauderdale, FL
Avionics Tech -Cleveland, OH
Avionics Tech -Jacksonville, FL
Avionics Tech -Tampa, FL
Avionics Tech –Fort Lauderdale, FL
Avionics Tech IV –Houston, TX
Avionics Tech/Installer –Greensboro, NC
Avionics Technician –East Alton, IL
Avionics Technician –Tampa, FL
Avionics Technician V –Springfield, IL
BBJ A&P Mechanic –Ardmore, OK
Cabinet Finisher -Middleburg Heights, OH
Chief Inspector –Albuquerque, NM
Chief Inspector –New Castle, DE
Chief Inspector –Syracuse, NY
Contractor Tooling/Fabricator -Pinellas Park, FL
Desktop Support Technician –Greenville, SC
Director of Maintenance - Longview, TX
Drive & Rotor Technician –Aurora, OR
Fabricator –Pinellas Park, FL
Field Service Representative –Houston, TX
Flight Line Mech (Service Center) -Little Rock, AR
General Manager –New Castle, DE
GSE Aircraft Mechanic –Kingsville, TX
GSE Aircraft Mechanic –Meridian, MS
GSE Aircraft Mechanic –Pensacola, FL
GSE Mechanic –Lakehurst, NJ
HR Coordinator –Wichita, KS
Hydraulic Mechanic –Kingsville, TX
Hydraulic Mechanic –Meridian, MS
Hydraulic Mechanic –Pensacola, FL
Hydraulics Maint. Tech –Aurora, OR
Interior Install Tech I (Completions) -Dallas, TX
Interior Installer (Completions) -Little Rock, AR
Interiors Installer –Greensboro, NC
Junior A&P Mechanic - Longview, TX
Junior Painter –Portland, OR
Lead A&P Mechanic –Marana, AZ
Lead A&P Mechanic –Tucson, AZ
Lead Aircraft Mechanic –Ardmore, OK
Lead Aircraft Mechanic –Holloman AFB, NM
LO Coater –Pinellas Park, FL
Machinist – Central Point, OR
Maintenance Manager –Albuquerque, NM
Maintenance Supervisor –Fort Worth, TX
Material Controller -Cincinnati, OH
Material Controller –Springfield, IL
NDI Inspector –Kingsville, TX
NDI Inspector –Meridian, MS
NDI Inspector –Pensacola, FL
Paint Mechanic Crew Chief –Moline, IL
Painter -Rome, NY
Painter-Finisher (Completions) -Little Rock, AR
Production Painter II –Augusta, GA
Program Manager –Albuquerque, NM
Project Manager –Marana, AZ
Project Manager –Tucson, AZ
QC Inspector B (Completions) –Little Rock, AR
Quality Associate –Pinellas Park, FL
Quality Controller –Mobile, AL
Quality Engineer Tooling Inspector -Pinellas Park
Quality Manager –Ardmore, OK
Scheduled Mechanic –Kingsville, TX
Scheduled Mechanic –Meridian, MS
Scheduled Mechanic –Pensacola, FL
Sheet Metal Mech -Jacksonville, FL
Sheet Metal Mech -Middleburg Heights, OH
Sheet Metal Mech -Tampa, FL
Sheet Metal Mech. -Madison, MS
Sheet Metal Mech. -Oscoda, MI
Sheet Metal Mechanic –Greensboro, NC
Sheet Metal Tech w/Avionics -Augusta, GA
Structure Tech -Hillsboro, OR
Structures Mech 2 -Saint Augustine, FL
Structures Mechanic –Kingsville, TX
Structures Mechanic –Marana, AZ
Structures Mechanic –Meridian, MS
Structures Mechanic –Pensacola, FL
Structures Tech -Dothan, AL
Structures Technician -Aurora, OR
Upholsterer Sr. -OH -Highest Rates $Bonus Pkg!
Upholstery (SEWER) -East Alton, IL
Upholstery Tech -Greensboro, NC
Upholstery Technician II (Completions) -Dallas, TX
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